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Aluminum Flexible Duct Machine

Aluminum Flexible Duct Forming Machine types introduction

We have three model aluminum flexible duct production machines can be selected by client,

l   Economical flexible aluminum duct machine without cutter;

l   Auto flexible aluminum duct machine with tracing cutter;

l   Full auto flexible aluminum duct machine with tracing cutter and auto compression device;

It can be designed according to client requirements.

Automatic Aluminum Flexible Duct Forming Machine specifications

This flexible duct production forming machine is special for Triple Lock Aluminum Flexible Ducts. A semi rigid and lightweight non-insulated air duct with triple Lock is manufactured by using a dead soft aluminum strip, spiral winding and mechanically jointed together, to obtain the tight and leak proof lock seam. This spiral round flexible duct is used in HVAC applications to allow air flow from the main duct to the outlet. Our Duct Winding Machine can process the aluminum flexible duct diameter range from 60 to 300 mm normally, other diameter range machine can be supplied with client’s requirements.
It can be used directly on site, the min thickness can adopted is 0.05 mm. Whether to adopt the flexible duct production machine with auto cutter tracing saw or without this cutting device can be optional, The aluminum flexible duct compression is 20-25%.

Aluminum flexible Duct Forming Machine main parameters



Tube Diameter:

60-300mm (according to client requirements)

Length of duct:


Aluminum Foil Thickness:

0.05---0.15mm ( the normal size: 0.9mm)

Aluminum Foil Width:

60mm (according to duct diameter or client requirements)

Aluminum Foil Coil ID:


Working Speed:


Main Power:

1.5KW , AC220V, 50/60HZ (according to clients’ requirement)

Duct Cutter

Tracing cutter, cut to length  (optional)

Compression device

Auto control (optional)

Controlling System:

Automatic PLC control system with touch screen operation

Related Aluminum Flexible duct machine pictures for reference

Flexible duct type

Our flexible duct machine can process the aluminum foil and  Stainless Steel foil, also the aluminum flexible duct with Multiple layers seam can be supplied according to client's request. Pls contact with us for the further machine technology details!

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