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HVAC Flexible Ducting Machine with Steel Wire (¢30-¢60mm)

Flexible duct production machine brief introduction
This kind aluminum foil flexible duct forming machine is special for production the insulated flexible ducts with steel wire inside. It is special designed for the certain situation. The flexible duct diameter by this machine is 30mm to 60mm.
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This kind foil aluminum duct making machine has the advantages over traditional glue bath duct machines, lower cost, easy operation and stable quality. Our Insulated Duct Machine is consisted of simple steel wire de-coiler, main machine and various diameter ducts moulds. Single layer and double layer flexible duct making machine can be selected by clients.
Flexible duct production machine technology specification



Tube Diameter:


Length of duct:


Aluminum Foil Thickness:

0.25mm Aluminum foil

Recommend Aluminum Foil Width:


Feeding Speed:

0-40m/min (adjustable)

Main Power:


Heating power:





1200mm * 820mm * 1050mm

Duct moulds

one set moulds for production one size duct

Flexible duct
Multiplicate combinations of raw materials can be applied, and suitable for different system request. The raw materials required for production of duct which include pre-glued tapes, high tensile wire, Metalised outer layer sleeve and polyester insulation, which all can be customized to suit our customer's requirements.
TAG: Insulated Duct Machine, Flexible Duct Production Machine, Aluminum foil flexible duct machine

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