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Flexible Air Hose Machine - Out lock

Ventilation Flexible Fabric Duct Hose Machine - Out lock brief introduction

This ventilation flexible air hose forming machine is special for production the flexible ducts with steel wire. The flexible fabric air duct hose is telescopic resistant steel skeleton with negative pressure ventilation tube, Nylon telescopic ventilation hose size and length according to customer request processing. Ventilation with ventilation and dust removal equipment is widely used in various occasions, Such as: the engine room, basements, tunnels, municipal pipeline projects, shipbuilding engineering, mining ventilation, bulk cement transport, fire smoke and so on.
Industrial Ducting Hose, Silicone Coated Fiberglass flexible duct hose is most proper choice for the Portable fan especially!

Ventilation Flexible Fabric Duct Hose Machine main parameters



Tube Diameter:

100-1100mm (according to client requirements)

Length of duct:


Locking seam

Out seam style

Fabric material Thickness:

0.4mm-0.65mm (Optional)

Fabric material width

75-100mm (recommended width 80mm)

Metal strip sizes


Feeding Speed:

0-20m/min (adjustable)

Main Power:





1500mm * 800mm * 1000mm

Duct moulds

according to client requirement.

Industrial Ducting Hose/Silicone Coated Fiberglass flexible duct hose application

We manufacture and supply all machinery for industry flexible ducts, Heat resistant air duct hose, Ventilation flexible air hose, Flexible Fabric Duct Hose, fire resistant insulation material flexible duct, Industrial Ducting Hose, Silicone Coated Fiberglass flexible duct hose. Multiplicate combinations of raw materials can be applied, and suitable for different system request. The raw materials required for production of duct which include fire resistant insulation material and metal strip, Metalised outer layer sleeve and polyester insulation, which all can be customized to suit our customer's requirements.
The fire resistant insulation material flexible duct can be used for high-temperature gas exhausting , vehicle emissions, factory smoke and chemical industries, exhaust, engine structure, heat engines and solid, such as dust, powder and fiber. and gaseous environment ,such as steam and smoke. dust, removable factory building, aircraft equipment, bellows, Compressor , low pressure environment, and so on.

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