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Post Tensioning Duct Machine, Tube-former




Spiral Corrugated Post-Tensioning Tube Making Machine Technology Specification
This type Spiral Corrugated Post-Tensioning Tube Making Machine is special for producing round corrugated ducts used in expressway, bridge, train and large-span post-tension concrete projects. The prestressed Protection Tube production Machine is suitable for both indoor and site work because of its light weight and small sizes. With its special corrugations, a very high radial stiffness well adapted for use as former in concrete structures. Corrugated tube is also being used as culverts and forms for concrete projects, plinths and columns. On many construction projects like apartment buildings, parking garages, office buildings, industrial buildings, bridges and docks, schools and hospitals, the introduction of the prestressed protection tubes will make it possible to use very long spans. The reduction in weight allows large areas and fewer columns which in turn will give technical economical and esthetic advantage. Our high engineer designed this machine and special for exporting post tension ducts, this kind PT ducts is same as the ducts manufactured by SPIRO tube-former’s, with 78mm width raw material, only our machine will be smaller. The present Post tensioning ducts adopted in Chinese market, its character is different with this style ducts, will be more flexible, and can not be used in certain countries because of the different post tensioning ducts standard.
Spiral round Corrugated Post-tensioning tube-former main dates



Machine type:


Suitable Material:

cold rolled steel and of hot dipped galvanized steel

Strip Width:


Strip Thickness:

0.3~0.4mm (standard size 3.5mm)

Pitch of Spiral:


Swage Type:


Tube diameter range:

Diameter 50mm----diameter 104mm

Diameter 104mm----diameter 300mm


One size mould for one size tube

Strip feeding speed:

0-30 m/min

Motor Power:

380V, 3phase, 50Hz (others optional)

Total power: 


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