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Duct Manufacture Auto-line Ⅳ

Rectangular Duct manufacture auto line Ⅳ for the Manufacture of Air-condition Rectangular Ducts

Rectangular Duct Forming Machine or duct manufacture auto coil line Ⅳ is designed according to the customer’s request and advice, then manufacture the new one machine after our engineer’s studying the ducting standard of the domestic and foreign, Line combines a feeding metal frame, leveler grooving roll, hydraulic notch and punch square machine, hydraulic shear, movable pittsburgh lock machine, duplex trans-verse flange manufacturing machine, TDF hydraulic folder and CNC system. Is efficient, saves work area by inline positioning of machines.
It’s a new one completely in the present market, with full functions, working stable and automatic control system.
The following is the shape of flange, we can design the just shape according to customer’s request.

Duct manufacture auto line Ⅳ Advantage

All the duct processing can be completed with this line.
The efficient will be 3—6 times than the normally line, can reduce 5-8 operators, and reducing the raw material cost.
Low cost: this line can check head material and the tail material automatically, and calculate the left material,
Multi-purpose: Slitting the sheets, product the sheets, “ ”,“ ”,“ ” of duct with the flange or without.
United lock-seam pre made.
Simple operating, only need to input the duct type, size and quantity, all operation will be controlled automatically.
Material Range: Galvanized sheet 0.4-1.2mm, width: 1300mm.
High efficiency: 0-18 m/min.
Smaller working area requirement, 15mx4m.
Convenient moving designing: overall designing, adopt the standard connecter, suit for machine movement.
With the world famous brand electrical components to achieve the Stable quality.

Rectangular Duct Forming Machine Ⅳ or Duct manufacture auto coil line Flow Chart

Square Duct Manufacture Coil Auto Line Ⅳ Basic Component

DE-coiler: 2 sets
Feeding, Leveling and Beading roller device: 1 set
Notching device: 1 set
Shearing device: 1 set
United Lock former production device: 1 set
TDF linkage flange forming device: 1 set
Run-out table: 1 set
Electrical control system: 1 set
Hydraulic system: 1 set

Rectangular Duct Forming Machine or Auto coil line Ⅳ Main parameters


Thinness range

Max width


Line speed


Coiler capacity





(L x W x H)mm


0.6-1.2 mm











Rectangular Duct Auto COIL Line
Duct Manufacture Auto-line for manufacturing Air-condition Rectangular Ducts, Rectangular Duct Auto COIL Line, Duct forming machine, Duct machine, Rectangular Ductwork Machine, Coil line, Duct Manufacturer, Duct manufacturing machine, Compact Cut-To-Length Line, auto fold machine of ducting, Rectangular duct manufacture auto coil line is special for manufacture making HVAC square air ductwork from GI metal sheet coil. This Compact duct coil lines can be either a stand alone system or the start of a complete automatic fabricating system. The auto-line can be combined with Pittsburgh making machine, plasma cutter, flange forming machine, folding machine, etc, for production air ducts. It is suitable for the starter of duct manufacturers,

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