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TDC Flange Roll Former

TDC Flange Roll Former machine for the Manufacture of Air-condition Rectangular Ducts Fittings

Duct TDC flange Roll-forming machine was specially designed to manufacture HVAC flanges of 20mm, 30 mm or other size for medium and large producers of square HVAC duct. Roll-forming machine VS5 consists of several parts. At the beginning, sheet metal is being unwound from the vertical de-coiler, then it enters through feeding into the very profiling part. Consequently the flange is straightened and cut into desired number of pieces and of required length by round saw style cutter, precisely according to the parameters entered. Automatic line control system can be connected to central production management as well. The line can also be equipped with a device for injection of sealing mastic directly during the forming process.
Slip on Flange is one of the two universal rectangular duct flange making systems in the world. It can save time and material drastically with its well-seal, strong and durable joint structure. So Slip on Flange Roll Form Machines is much suitable for producing a duct with a large sectional area. Many famous buildings in the world utilize this kind of structure in the ventilation system. Our manufacturer is the earliest and biggest one in china to design and manufacture the TDC flange machine. Our TDC flange roll former is for manufacturing TDC-15 mm, TDC-20 mm, TDC-30, TDC-40 wide slide on frame flange etc. custom TDC flange profiles can be offered on request.  Custom Slip on Flange Roll Form Machines are according to clients’ requests!

TDC Flange Roll Former Machine For Rectangular duct flange main parameters

Raw material:

GI steel strip, carbon steel strip, etc

Raw material width (mm):

(according to the client’s sample or drawings)

Raw material thickness range (mm):

20 mm profile: material thickness 0.6 - 0.8 mm galvanized sheet

30 & 35 mm profile: material thickness 0.8 -1.0 mm galvanized sheet

40mm profile: material thickness 1.0 - 1.2 mm galvanized sheet

(Or designed according to the client’s requirement)

Forming roller station quantity:

About 16 Stations

Motor power

Main motor:

4kw, AC380v, 50HZ

Cutting motor:

1.75kw, 2xAC220v, 50HZ

Weight (KG):

About 2000

Line Dimension (L*W*H)mm:


TDC flange profile:

(according to the client’s sample or drawings)

TDC flange Installation

TDC Flange Roll Former machine is for the Manufacture of Slide on flange on all straight ducts and Air-condition Rectangular Ducts Fittings. TAG: HVAC flanges, TDC Duct Flange Machine Square Duct flange forming machine, Slip on Flange, Flange Former, Slide on frame flange, Roll former, Slip on Flange Roll Form Machine, TDC flange roll-former, Rollformer, slip flange former machine, TDC Rollformer, HVAC Duct Roll Former, Duct work machinery, Square Duct Making Machine, Flanging machine, TDC machines, Rollformers for duct flange connectors (TDC style and TDF style)

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