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Duct Corner Punching Machine TDC / TDF

TDC / TDF Duct Flange Corner Production Machine Brief introduction

This is the duct flange corner production machine with high efficient progressive moulds, with the constant increasing labor cost, this style corner equipment has been accepted by more and more clients. Also the high production efficiency is the most important for the present ducting business. This type TDC or TDF duct flange corner making machine is special suitable for the duct manufacturers with many years experience in this ducting industry. Just to change the TDC flange corners progressive moulds or TDF flange corners progressive moulds to obtain these two corners.

TDC/TDF Flange Corner Production Machine Technology drawing

TDC / TDF Flange Corner Production Machine components specifications

The whole TDC / TDF duct flange corner production machine is consisted of de-coiler, material feeding device, punching machine with Progressive Corner Moulds, etc

l   De-coiler ( 800kg)

l   Leveler (Optional).

l   Punching Machine (C-Frame Fixed table press)

l   Mechanical step feeder

l   TDC / TDF Progressive duct Corner moulds ( 1.0-1.2mm thickness TDF duct flange corner) 

TDF Duct Flange Corner

TDC Duct Flange Corner

If there has no large quantity production request, the common corner moulds by several steps is the proper choice. it has the advantage of lower investment compared with progressive moulds production line, Duct Corner Making Machine (TDC / TDF), Duct Corner Making Machine, corner production machine, Progressive Moulds

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