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Lock Former


Pittsburgh lock former machine Sheet metal machines for the manufacture of the HVAC ductwork

Pittsburgh lock former machine boasts a variety of distinctive features, principally used in the HVAC industry, for joining sheet metal at right angles on straight and curved duct sections. The machine serves to form standard profiles intended for manufacture of HVAC duct as well as other metal work. Pittsburgh lock rolls are fitted as standard. Lock forming machine is one of our leading product. Our Sheet metal machines produce various profiles for the manufacture of the HVAC ductwork, including Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machines, lock former, Button punch snap lock machine, Cleat former, Duct fabrication roll-former, S’ cleat machine, ‘C’ cleat roll machine. TDF / TDC Roll-former Transverse Duct Flange Connector direct onto the ends of the duct. This saves time and money by eliminating secondary fastening of Quick Duct and other bolt on applications. The design engineers and technicians building roll-forming machines have many decades of experience with in Duct fabrication machines industry,  The steel feed material ranges from 0.3mm to 1.5mm. To obtain best the performance and endurance, they use roller shafts and gears which are of high-frequency induction hardened, carburized steel and with high quality needle bearings. The lock former is light and easy to transport. It can meet different demands. Our duct fittings roll-former works easily and noiselessly. All of our roll tooling is made on CNC machining lathes.

Installation Sample Specification

Lock-former Machine Main Parameters

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‘S’ cleat machine, ‘C’ cleat roll machine

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