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Pin Spotting Machine

Pin Spotting Machine / Welding torch machine Brief introduction
1. Widely used: applied to mount thermal insulation materials especially for architecture.
2. Simplify processing: No cleaning required as it works no matter how dirty the duct surface maybe.
3. Time Saving: Possible to weld 20 thermal insulation nails per minute also allowing welding with thermal insulation material in place
requiring no cohesive time as with other insulation nail systems.
4. Material Savings: coiled material can be saved, both thermal insulation material and insulation nails.
5. Firm and Reliable: nails will not drop after welding and construction with quality being ensured.
6. No limit for shape: may be used in welding all kinds of ducts. It is extra good for round duct installation.
7. For all Seasons: The welding quality will not be affected by temperature
8. Strong points: The speed of operation reduces the time personel have to work above ground thus improving safety.
9. The standard bation of the nails keeps the surface of the thermal insulation clean after welding. the Welding torch may also be used as repair tool to repair peeled and exposed duct when cohesive nail has dropped.

Pin Spotting Machine / Welding torch machine Main parameters






AC110-220V; 50HZ

Welded pole Specification

M2-3 (special for insulation pin welding machine )

Welding Productivity(piece/min)



The actual welding quantity is according to welding voltage and insulated pin diameter 

Weight (kg)




Pin spotting machine application

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