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Hydraulic Fastener

Angel steel flange hydraulic fastener specification

This hydraulic fastener can be used for connection between ducts with flange, instead of hand operation, to insure the fastening duct quality. The inner fastening technology can complete the duct fastening program, also can punching holes on ducts, the two steps can be processed continuously.
The duct hydraulic riveting clamp is one for the ventilation project, duct flange riveting operation of small equipment, compact and light weight, riveted firmly, flexible operation, low noise, easy maintenance characteristics.
It suitable for fasten the flange. The whole process is automatic, punching hole and riveter is constantly done.

Duct hydraulic fastener main parameters



Working Capacity

Duct flange high: 40mm

Fastening sheets thickness: 3.6mm (1.2mm x 3)

Push power


Max working pressure


Motor power

1.1kw, 380v,50HZ 1410r.p.m

Hydraulic station oil



(LxWxH) 510 × 320 × 695 mm

Weight (KG)


n  Stationary Hydraulic Fastener

Hydraulic fastener replaces such as screws or rivets. It is especially used in HVAC engineering, which joins two or more metal sheets together through cold extrusion without rivets, which is widely used in the western countries.

There have two ways for the metal sheet connection by changing the moulds.

Hydraulic Fastener, Stationary Hydraulic Fastener, Portable Riveter

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