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Duct Flexible Connector Machine


Duct Flexible Connector Production Line, Air Duct Flexible Duct Connector Joint

The Air duct flexible duct connector joint is in order to isolate vibrations caused by air handling units, fans or other equipment connected to air ducts, to install a flexible duct connector joint between the outlet of these devices and the air duct. It is with an airtight and flexible cloth, with good weathering qualities and one which will withstand the temperatures inside and outside the duct. Duct being generally made of steel, the main difficulty is to fasten the cloth to it in order to obtain a perfectly airtight joint. Our flexible duct connector manufacturing machines are just for production this belt of a strip of treated cloth, attached on both sides to strips of galvanised steel. 
There have two lines for this belt production. Punching coil line is to obtain the pre-punched holes strip, with width adjustable the roll forming line to complete the production. The reason two lines for production the belt coil is because of the too much different efficiency of these two lines, and the investment cost. So this solution is the best choice presently. 

Punching Coil Line

Brief introduction

This punching holes line is to prepare the punched holes coils, for roll forming raw material. The whole line is consisted of one set de-coiler, punching machine with special hole punching moulds, material feeding device and one set re-coiler, etc.

Punching coil line technology flow 

De-coiler ---- material feeder ---- punching (punching moulds) ----- re-coiler

Punching coil line main parameters



product size

according to customers

working speed


Punching machine


Material step feeding device

Mechanical type

suit for material size

Both sides strip thickness range: 0.3-0.5mm



 Belt Roll Former

Belt roll former Brief introduction

The metal coils prepared by the holes punching line and the fireproof material are as the feeding material for the belt roll former. After these two strips combined roll forming by the roll former, the completed belt can be obtained. Normally the canvas is as the fireproof flexible raw material. 
The belt roll forming line / Air duct flexible duct connector joint is consisted of de-coiler, main roll forming machine and re-coiler. The main Duct Flexible Connector roll forming machine can be designed according to client’s request, whether to adopt the fixed width belt or adjustable width belt. 

Roll forming coil line main parameters



working speed


Forming roller stations

12 stations x 2 (double line stations on main roll forming machine)

Roller material

Gr15 steel ,quench HRC58-62,chromeplate

Shaft material

Quality steel Ф40mm,

Main motor


suit for material size

l   Flexible fireproof Fabric width range (middle side): 50----300mm(2”-12”),

l   metal strip width range: 40—110mm(1.5”-4.5”);

l   metal strip thickness range: 0.3-0.5mm(30-26ga.),


It can be custom made according client’s request.

Main machine sizes


Duct Flexible Connector Production Line, Air Duct Flexible Duct Connector Joint

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